Wednesday, December 24, 2008

strung together

More Walls

after some beating, they conformed.

The walls get strung.

sealing ends in sunlight!

We sealed the tube ends before attaching them to their bases and forming them into panels.  We used mod podge, as we only needed to use one coat, and it's waterbased and non-toxic, meaning it should not affect the recycling process.  wahoo for puzzle glue!

Drilling it straight

the tubes are resting in the jig.  hi liz.

jeffrey and blake.  blake held the tubes steady on one end and gave them a line of graphite while jeffrey drilled the holes, using the jig that was made earlier in the week.  

Drilling Holes

a jig for drilling straight holes through 4.25 inch paper tubes.

our pile o' spacers!  These nestle between each tube, creating a 3/4 inch gap and allowing a aluminum cable to run the length of the wall to increase rigidity.  They were cut from scrape pieces of 2x4 in the piet maas' woodshop.
Isaac, Mark, and Jeffrey drilled holes in each and every spacer, so we could string an aluminum cable all the way through the walls.  

more party.

joel shows us his best origami face.  joel is a fantastic member of the paper shanty team and he is also one of the speediest paper-space stringers around these parts.  you can ask anyone.
Jeff and Amanda happened to their fashions on the same page.  red christmas sweaters are the new black.
linnea and dylan are folding to the max!  claudette is just socializing, but i would say she increases morale around the otherwise serious table of origamists.  
 who's that naked man in the window?
it looks suspiciously as though you may be trying to leave isaac....are you sure you want to go?

sushi rolls

I got to make sushi for the first time ever!  thanks to kimmy and yunis, it went smoothly!


Our origami party was an awesome success filled with folding faces and happy smiles.  I suppose there was some frustration, but we ended up with a nice box overflowing with paper creatures, a pair of pink paper pants even made their way in.  The party was a pre-party for the paper shanty and a way for us to gather some initial decor for the ceiling of the space.  Thanks to all who made it, and a special thanks to jen and amanda for being wonderful hosts!!  see you all on the ice january 17th for more fun!

Monday, December 15, 2008

homepage it

Just as a heads up for everyone needing to get their paper folding/icefishing in-a-paper-shanty plans in order, you can find the calendar,(along with great images from previous years) at

Sunday, December 14, 2008

tube tube a tuber

lazer line fun time

The pluggers fasten the plugs

claudette and joel are quite the duo, check them out.  i think they move at warp speeds, one can hardly make them out at times.

Cutting takes skills and tools.

mark expertly makes the most precise cuts!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Don't forget the HOLES!

the holes are for fish.  don't forget the holes.